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The most Compact and Mechanically Perfect Portable Electrical Vibrator ever
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of Cardiovascular Diseases. The following officers were
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The Society of Medical Jurisprudence, at its annual
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of P)ryn Mawr Hospital, will leave on December ist for
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not control my actions to any extent except to exercise my
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commodates forty-six patients. Prices moderate. Voluntary patient*
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March 19, 1910, a slight reaction was noted, but the ear
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gonorrhoea. Gonococci have been isolated from the aqueous, a
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travenous injection is sometimes followed by chill,
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gastric region and elevation of temperature. A serum re-
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rational methods of treatment. Competent staff consulting physi-
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discussion of the subject were Dr. James Tyson, Dr. W. E.
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and his list of writers quoted shows that he is well
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signs of pulmonary tuberculosis. Nevertheless it is