What is connected TV Advertising?

ConnectedTV is a content-connected multimedia streaming service that uses internet-capable devices such as televisions, gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox and Blu-ray Disk player, among others. You can see ctv advertising on our website.

CTV simply refers to the integration of the Internet and other web 2.0 features into new models of TV sets. It could also be called a hybrid television, which is the combination of TV and computer technology. Smart TV is another name for it, due to the similarity of its user interface and that of smartphones.

The connected TV device users can access video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu YouTube, Pandora and YouTube. Here they can download movies, photos, and any other digital content from the Internet. This is a testament to the rapid evolution of the movie industry in recent years.

The new generation of devices focuses on online interactive media and Internet TV. They also support on-demand streaming media and over-the top content (OTT). OTT, like CTV, includes audio streaming and messaging services as well as digital voice calling with an internet connection. They can be accessed via software applications and web widgets.

This medium works great for ads, both linear/broadcast TV and other media. Alinear broadcasting does not have the Internet connection so it cannot send digital ads as Smart television can.
Connected TV Advertising: The Advantages

Marketing with connected TV advertising gives marketers a new channel to reach their core audiences. Connected television gives users the ideal new medium to get their ideas to people who might not enjoy live TV. To maximize your efforts for better results, you can analyze the online activities of potential clients and determine what products and services they might be interested in.

Advertisers have the opportunity to reduce impression costs. Because Smart TV ads are here for the long-term, since digital advertising has drastically changed on TV. A viewer can only see the advert when they are viewing it on their internet-connected device. Statisticians have shown that Smart TV is most often viewed by family members and friends with at least two viewers. Smart TV ads can be seen by many people at once, which reduces the cost per impression.

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