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may be more important than the local measures. When influenced by
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tubule, give the peculiar staining reaction of amyloid. The interstitial
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latter can be accounted for by the influence of pregnancy, the menopause,
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metoclopramide is classified as a nonphenothiazine antiemetic
the heart has failed, the blood condition is more of a mixtureof anaemia, hydrae-
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point the presence of lymphorrhages in otherwise normal muscles presents
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In cases with large goitres the physiognomy of the patient is often changed
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vous symptoms. Parry also said that he had " the notion of some connection
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carried out in a busy workshop or noisy office. The effects of stethoscopic
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extent of involvement varies greatly. There may be little more than the
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is usually oedematous, while flexion of the hip is frequently found; the urine
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interference is early, and thus, as a rule, good in the primary type of the
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oxidation product of uric acid." Oxalate calculi are so often mixed with
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first ei<j:lit hours of t!;e <li,y. In normal snhjeets the iiinoiint of iiriii.
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■ S\int.f.'iii^ ..i il . ..III!-. isiiIiLii" lll.ll..ilr il\s|,fi, .1 uliitr .il l(-t ill 111. I ..I MM VI r\
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of the dangers of exposure to extremes of heat and cold; but in practice very
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allv declining at about the same rate as it rose. It is interesting to note
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rich autopsy material at Hamburg no instance of imilateral nephritis has
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liniiii iiiiisl, till n Inn , hi ih /ii ml, nl iijutn rliiini/oi iiiiiirriiiii rhcivhrn
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thier in 1886, but most clearly stated by Moebius in the same year. Growing
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possible to refer to anything else, but cases of orbital tumor or aneurism of
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marked depression, both mental and physical. In rare instances primary
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insufficiency, are often seen. The alimentary tract is usually in a state of
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lrn|,inl .-l.s.rv alioiis .• rnin-r /A. r, ^(^"-.«^/,,■/l „f ,,l,iii,liil„r arlir
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litis, a coincidence that has been observed by others.
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gonococci are non-pathogenic and have never been found except in very
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kidneys (haemoglobinuria), and intestines (colic). The disease is most
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' tnriiiatiiin may he responsilile fur the nucleated rniiiis. The red
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life ultimately results. In rare instances the bladder may become very
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llic i-iiri-tii'd iiir for tlic iilvcokir Cd, ti-iisim to t'iill. iis well jis liiiii i,
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The distinmiishinir feature of such a<!sorption phenomena is that .i
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f'niiiliisi is I'- iiiil in the IiI.hmI and tissues u. erall>. 1( has the poi'