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3. Light weight in an applicant should lead to a careful scrutiny in every
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branches of the family, or occur in several members of the same family,
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Adumdxoplasia and Rickets. — It will be panted at once that until the
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course. In the most rapid case in my series, No. X, death occmred within
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* I say fortunately preserved, because in two other instances
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almost never absent. Nervousness or tremor is almost as frequent. Heart
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of induration may be felt. Stockman lays considerable stress on these, and
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impulse or concept that develops on a false idea of inability to walk or stand,
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the trachea, sometimes to pressure on the recurrent nerve. A dry, some-
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of the drug. Any habitu6 should be considered uninsurable, and in the case
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foot sufficiently, in stepping over any thing or in
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with neighboring viscera, it also furnishes knowledge of great value as to
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Is there any evidence that metabolic disturbances are at all responsible?
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cases of chronic interstitial nephritis, wim an acute exacerbation.
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absence of the president the superintendent of agencies acted in his place.
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others, is not infallible. In the first place, pigment spots occur in the mouth
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symptoms are especially important in the case of middle-aged applicants.
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uric acid. Thb almost always results in harm, and sometimes very serious
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