cian and announces beans as a specific for small-pox.

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into abscesses or sinuses. Cocaine is also a dangerous drug to use in the

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help in an occasional case, but for either class it

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better — and fraught with less danger — by pumping air into the

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etations, which project like soft, mobile stalactites into

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and menstruation have been normally established and performed,

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did exist, they must, unquestionably, in accordance with

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cision ; then, making slits in the inguinal folds of a

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of pathology which treats of the general laws of the origin of

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combined in our elegant and palatable Ferro-Phosphorated Elixir of Calisaya Bark, a combination of the

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lawyer of note already, and of still higher promise, not

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select a name better adapted to set forth this character

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not, therefore, altogether a matter for surprise that selfish-

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oppose them, should also recoive the consideration of all candid minds. It

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chronically ill. She is slightly dyspneic and orthopneic. There is moderate

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cases is fairly easy, but atypical cases, exotic diseases, or those

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liam) ; but this case was shown after death to be one of ulceration of the

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The greatest precipitation for one single storm in?

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trembling of the extremities, and in some instances to slight convulsions. The

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event. The evening began with the presentation of the

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Professor Waldeyer, to whom, in the absence of Professor

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neighbouring glands until it grows beyond the cicatrix into normal tissue,

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Laguerre. Our patient was a gentleman sixty years of age who

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pain in the epigastric region, attended with prostration of strength,

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Transactions of Michigan State Medical Society. 503

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duced behind the incjuidescent In the tii*st decade of

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The lectures of this Preliminary Course will this year begin on Monday, September 2,

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low embankment that runs along the danger side of the track

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operations as removal of the upper jaw and excisions of the

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castile soap, and an equal amount of spirits of camphor, then

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which is left does, or does not, remain in connection with the duodenal

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Treatment of Cold Abscess. — The treatment of a cold abscess

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in the axilla and arm; (b) into what nerves does it divide, giving

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so great as to preclude all the year round residence. No sooner

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shaft of the humerus was found to have increased in

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formed, and at no part cellular. There were fibrous prolongations from