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above 101 °, extending over a long period — from several weeks to
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the filtrate is removed by sodium sulphate, and the filtrate after
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effusion. Almost all the instances of disease which I have given occur with a
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Where this cough comes on along with the fit of inflammation of the joints, its
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The period during which the deaths from cholera, (maligna,) were reported,
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complete disappearance of the bone pains has followed, together
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with these derangements, and to an extended account of biliary concretions,
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another daughter operated at twenty-two years for uterine tumor
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potassa does not exert its contra-stimulant effects, and it would seem that there
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of these various extrinsic factors is responsible for the bronchi-
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should be speedily followed by the nauseating mixture, and if vomit-
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Dock, G v adherent pericardium and cardiolysis, 254, 257
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the sutures would lap upon pressure. At the time the inquest was
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because much of the blood circulates through the head and fore-
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for which she was put upon an anti-venereal treatment. The syphilitic
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an Hospital. In eleven days he went to work again, but still coughed
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quinine is given it does not relieve the coma until the parasites
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1. Encephalitis, of the Striimpel type. 2 Hoppe-Seiler gives
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In reply to Dr. Cabot's question, I would say that the points of differ-
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ceived from the consummate ability and learning which they displayed in argu-
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change in the properties of the blood, which is no longer adapted to that of
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yellowness of skin, wluch ceased on some cold water being sprinkled on the fate.
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from those who were engaged in the investigation of the laws of the eco-
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the blood-pressure was 230 systolic, 160 diastolic, the pulse 100, regular. The reflexes
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died. In the same way it is seen that 20.6 per cent, more men
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of a progressive wasting disease with severe anemia.
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in the Philadelphia Medical Association, Fellow of tlie College of Physicians
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The dose, when employed externally in frictions, is from three to four grains
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or the fundamental problems of physics and mathematics. All
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extending to the peritoneum; the most active antiphlogistic treatment failed to
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may exist and continue in a healthy condition, under circumstances which
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Of direct bearing on the question of the etiology of pulmonary
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does not destroy leukocytes; I think anyone who has studied the blood in
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grain of this, and triturate it again for another hour with one hundred grains
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were double their ordinary size, as compared with a subject of the
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is important to be aware of this, particularly for those who have charge of the