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emaciation, which is so marked a system of consumption.

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and the curative process is arrested until a fresh support is given

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power, that drives the blood out of these capillaries " with


low, the remaining portion of the right, and the whole of the left

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tory of early syphilis, we give him the benefit of the doubt. It

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or terrene (filth, &c.) any where, and that the acclimation to our first cause

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mucous tubercles, vascular polypi, &c., &c. Perhaps, a no-

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8. " Surgery of the Air-Passages in Children "—J. Homer Coulter, Chicago,

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pounds in weight in one month, on discontinuing the Glyce-

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soestantly the features of science. M. Brown-Sequard will be

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without recurrence. As recurrence after that period of time is

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From this time her health gradually declined, and in the course

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picions may have been awakened that the special form of disease

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is aided and guided, thereby, in no inconsiderable degree, in dis-

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its standard elevated, and its advantages commensurate with its endow-

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endeavor to sharpen up dull intellects to the graduating standard of

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into the bladder. This opening was behind and opposite to


healthy tissues and approximation, and union of the ends of

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the blood ; and, as liquids are non-conductors of electricity,

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tisements of charlatans so widely circulated, has induced us to ask

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sea and rivers, he gathers the thousand articles he feeds upon.

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The laceration of the lids and the infiltration of the

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problems in physiology, pathology, and therapeutics. A few.

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bark, and that the slight amount of heat required in the

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activity of its functions. As relates to our present purpose, its

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tion of chloroform was resorted to, which gave relief so long as

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more distal portions, the ossific plates are intermingled with and

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above view, the inflamed structures are best relieved by free purging, and

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which was at first relieved by poultices, but after a time anodyne

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or secondarily cutaneous eruptions, as for example, roseola, urti-

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ceptible of acute inflammation. It is very certain that rude vio-

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tory organs for ehmination. May not some of the derangements

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tion of the tactile phenomena. — [American Medical Monthly.