last form till we have considered other affections of the liver, acoon^
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however, that the only professor of surgical electricity
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fifth day, and in one death was caused by intestinal ob
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pital proper. With the Medical officers' quarters, galley, and
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time throu.h the wound ; but, in about the fpace of a month,
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some recent writers on the beneficial combination of the mer-
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announcing that Professor Edward W. Jenks, M. D., of the Detroit
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children, trained nurses, and even parents, should be taught
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details in smaller type. It covers the ground for a two-year lecture course. The
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of the experiments is then, this: that sugar, or glucose, was
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V«rtig>o after tumlHg. — ^If a person is turned with the head upright
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fection. — One case of variola is prima facie evidence of the existence of
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is stimulated, this needlelike tube lashes out, releasing its
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be considered amounts to this, whether the semilunar and
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one place, then in another. From time to time, when exacerbations occur,
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after landing. One pilot has it at 12,000 feet ; another at 15,000 feet.
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that most clinicians will agree with the general propositions stated
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of the bowels open, the safeguarding against all forms of excite-
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described as products of blood destruction — artificially obtained, it
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trophy, contractures, and sensory troubles. The symptomatic picture
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JVriie for Descriptive Booklet and Rates, F. D. COBURN, MGR.
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the introduction of tuberculous virus from without, especially by way
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free strokes failing, and the writing becoming " cramped ; " other patients
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a forcible expiration. After the operation, she passed a much better night ; the
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made to learn from these members the histon' of their lives, and
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Is not common among cattle, but it is dangerous. It
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murmurs, can arise only at the auriculoventricular valves. Another
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it for some days or a week or two. Local induration progressively
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cardie, Amiens, 1887, v, 37-41. — Spurrrll (C.) A case of
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fever,^ appear necessary. The commencement is frequently by no means
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gerous, and even in healthy people it is apt to cause grave sys-
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both these conditions are associated great difficulty in
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trations, which furnish a continuous satisfaction to the eye.
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of adopting a more stimulating plan of treatment, and one more
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signs of rachitis, and referred to the unanimity of opinion
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chiefly occurs in young and middle-aged adults ; it is, comparatively
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with hastily formed conclusions and rules of practice
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Upon increasing the pressure to see how far it would be
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all cases. Personal experience agrees with that of Ekehorn, although it is
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25,031 patients have been treated, of which 2872 were in-patients.
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of cases in which the form of treatment is indicated and
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branches as they are removed from it; but the sum of the caliber
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pyronin, etc., the specimens being first fixed with alcohol. Sub-
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death. Her condition was diagnosed as biliary colic. Later