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injuring them, and destroying their credit with the public.

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pression. In second case (one of uterine inertia), given with an equal portion

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President and Fellows of the Medical Society of Connecticut, shall be known and

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triturates, each of which contain three drops of the

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Medical Society. The mission of a medical society, 367.

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twenty to thirty drops of specific echinacea should be given

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> Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, vol. cxli, page 381.

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right tic douloureux. A year later very little alleviation of the

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laying. However, having changed its position on the leaf but slightly,

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Medical School ; Physician for Diseases of the Nervous System, Bos-

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motion, it may be said that momentary lesion is always

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ation of the aortic second sound. In tins instance the second aortic

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for a lengthened period, when it may accumulate in the system. A child of fire

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were large, causing dyspnoea, would aspirate at once.

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In this paper there will be presented the results of calorimetric

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or from hydrothorax ; or from pulmonary congestion, caused by

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which this phenomenon is observed are tubercular meningitis,

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