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fected by a patient suffering from diphtheria («) in the incu-

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1 at Auray, 2 at Plougoumelen, 1 at Riantel. Two deaths

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the physical inefficiency of our once strong young men at home and

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Wright and Mr. Southam have undertaken the teaching of

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MavlVth under the presidency of the Bishop of Itochester. Donations

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£229 8s. 7d.— £1,055, as against £1,284 83 7d. This decrease is

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friend and mentor of the Prince of Wales duiing his memor-

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adhesions, and watching the direction of the current which

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Council to the State, the profession, and the public.

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produced synthetically, the artificial product being in every

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whether he was a medical man or an outsider. Mr. Strange

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corresponding mortality among children under 5 in the

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In addition to these academic Senators, Dr. Martinez Pacheco

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ALEXiNDER, S , M.D., B.Ch Irel., appointed Medical Officer for the Fifth

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opportunity of trying the effect on the living animal of trans-

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Dr. can be received contravenes the true ethics of the profession..

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Traits des Maladies des Voies Urinaires de I'Homme et de la Femme.

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whole lumen of the larynx completely occluded by a large

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found in those over 10 years of age brings the benefits and needs for'

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pyiramidal tiacts. Any such area of myelitis must have been very small,

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dical College, Chicago, for one of the professors to give a few

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speedily relieved the symptoms, and a further use of the

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sniphnretted hydrogen in the bowel. Further, he states, on

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a statement on the subject from Dr. Jacob, Secretary of the

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Commission. The practice of vaccination, he said, varied,

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area, which left a scar (? eczema impetiginodes or ecthyma)

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what the approximate cost inclusive of demonstration lees, and what

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Casual communications by Messis J. H. Mummery, David

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Hospital : V. Bateson, Yorkshire College, Leeds ; C. L Battesou,

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2 When looking through the proof of this paper. Mr. Whitehead kindly

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Cholesteatoma being one of the rarest ' of brain tumours, the

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W. Dale Jambs : Two cases of Lupus, and other eases.— Mr.

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there were no local authorities, worthy of the name, in rural

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tcr for ofiice work, which the General Medical Council should

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drawbacks to the operation, is demonstrated in L)r. Smyly's

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quently twitched several times that day. These tremors and

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dred members of the Antivaccination Literary Union ful-

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avoid the conclusion that, among the inhabitants of such regions,

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