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" Moussa and Chanin found that the exhibition of the parathyroid gland
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all-wise being who formed us after his own image, that
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drinking is the oldest of the vices, and has been known in
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not exist. Aortic regurgitation murmurs are diastolic
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took place ; in his case the patient became so ill after the injection
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ed in donations of not less than £50 each, within the period of six
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rounded by a mass of fibrous tissue of cartilaginous hardness, under which
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Bettner on the Climate and Diseases of Batavia, 3S7
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portions of lymph suppumtion had taken place within
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Two papers not wholly consonant were contributed by F. J. Smith
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way, an argument against the encouragement of the traffic.
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trace a distinct abnormal tendency in early infancy
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cause complete obstruction or strangulation. Also the approximating
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glycosuric tendency which persists for a time during the decline of a
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ize this unit of a more intense or active virus. Hence it is imperative
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examined, and fine sections of the cortical portion were colored
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cian, teacher or nurse is qualified to serve those who are so
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tion. She had taken a dose of some kind of purgative pills,