is not established. Xeufeld believed that so far as agglutinating

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were suffering from measles, and a large proportion of the deaths was the result of this

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seen in mild typhoid, tuberculosis, the lower grades of

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perpendicularly from the angle of the scapula. Push in the intercostal space

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to cure. Put 5 cents worth of lunar caustic in a 2 ounce

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their way through the ducts and cause catarrh of the gall-bladder,

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ing them, found them swollen both at the knees and ankles.

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An emulsion of the organism which is being inv'estigated is made by

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turbances of the pineal gland play an important role in the pathogeny

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appeared. He is inclined to regard the dyspnoea not as uraemic,

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If so, this advertisement will interest you. We manufacture a full

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direction in the usual way. There was no resistance to their

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The external form and the more important internal structures

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may become injurious to the health of the animals, or that will produce an

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no control of his actions, and that all these conditions were

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yielding, causing a shock at every step as the animal

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Douche thoroughly with peroxide, place two or three large drain-

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On a Case of Multilocular Ovarian Tumour, complicated with

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does not present the form of fat cells or fat drops, such as we

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in July 1891, and were admitted L.R.C.P. & S. E. and L.F.P. & S.G. :— Joshua H.

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going a similar change ; complete albuminization of a greater or less

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experiment the moisture was controlled so that each soil

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the bath, or immediately after, the packing is easily

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character, as in torpidity and hepatalgia, a course of treatment em-

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Vol. VI, No. I. Vol. VII, Nos. 3. 4, and 7. Vol. VIII, No. II. Address:

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the cider boiling hot, into a Inrge bed of live embers,