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3 to 1, 4 to 1, etc., meaning that the sinus is beating either twice as
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good results for erysipelas, according to Anderson and Eoberson;
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With the increase in the quantity of urine, the patient
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followed by fever and profuse night-sweats, as if he were suffering
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Two or three miles east of the University I found an
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etc., call for unusual, often excessive motor activity of the stomach,
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sis had increased, and the left arm became useless.
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City, died suddenly of cardiac disease, on September 11th. He
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the difficulty lies in the electrode. An electrode which is applied only
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No changes have been made in the Faculty during the
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vent the patient standing or walking, and the pain was more severe,
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operations. Blood will not run up hill any more than
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Lepra.. Norwegian : Spedalske, Spedalskhed, Likpra. Swedish : Spetdlskan.
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seventeen of this act, and shall state tho doings of said board or officer upon said
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not be cured by any other means, is altogether an error;
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leverage when traction is applied. Coincident with traction the