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forbidden, and above all that the hours of labour should not be long.
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ful ; and further, they are very liable to monomania. Illustrations of this
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cause the escape of pus through both sinuses in her groin. The stereoradio-
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will can no longer compel a set of muscles to perform a series of
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Aortic regurgitation is not as apt to follow endocarditis as is
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The importance of re-establishing the circulation between
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*' Intravenous injections must come into practice. They are
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is indicated when a sudden cessation of drinking leaves the
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wet cloths applied, quiet enjoined, his bowels kept open,
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the lungs were the seat of the diseased changes, and that
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both nature and mind, and doth make men merry like unto
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view of prosecuting our Samaritan-like calling on a noble and
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118; the diastolic, 95. His hands and feet are cold, clammy and wet with per-
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really very interesting, especially as they present the
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(h<h&l\ « lihpn s S^fvM*] »), sweUing of the penis (AH*hflm ' '), gummy
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the meconium in the wound will interfere with the process
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was independently associated with the performance of
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tion of the power of mediums to answer the questions
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evils of a popular form of government that no great improvement
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from figs ; being used for a boil when Hezekiah was t( sick unto
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Or Kumyss in powder form for making Liquid Kumyss in
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external wound was sewn up with interrupted silk sutures
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plac»> where ossification is most active, and the best
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There are many instances on record in which, though the aphasic con-
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be used. It should be gently squeezed out of a sponge and allowed
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Graduate School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania;
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dissolving the lead soaps in ether) from pig's liver and then proceeded to oxidize them
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to be covered deep,) and we have not raised so perfect and good potatoes
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