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his services may be required on the moment in any one of them.

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tents. Both cases ended in recovery. I think that the

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(2) By medical and dental inspection and treatment of carious teeth.

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times in the one case. A few specimens of bilious urine, kindly

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rather poorly developed, small limbs, and rather narrow pelvis, the latter

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possible the line of work done in the practical drafting rooms

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the ring. Do not neglect this as it is a most important step in the

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rectum behind, and, in the female, between the two is placed the

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the term erroneotis is the mildest that can be applied.

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depends : it is the water which, in this operation, plays the most

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wound heal by the first intention myself, nor have any English

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upper edge of the speculum. In this way the writer claims

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winter games. At that meeting they formed a committee that

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masking of all persons during epidemics is of value.

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can be restored to a condition of health and strength. It is now

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State examination. — Austria, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Greece, Portugal,

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of flow through the cerebral capillaries depends on the difference of pres-

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clothing, quinine, etc.) the race in time would gain immunity

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The Application of Extension in Potts' Disease and Verte-

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bodies which have passed from the stomach into the blood,

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lies towards the centre of the cord and is more protected

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reasonable doubt to wall-paper. The fact of arsenical

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ing, and Blake, all agree in this particular, and show that the time

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of Dentistry and Chief of the Division of Dentistry

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3A. Clinical Course: Diseases of the Nose and Throat. — Prerequi-

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c) To the extent the surgeon divides the responsibility of

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average sensual man of bygone times. According to ancient and primi-

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of nutritive materials, by which its muscular structure is strength-

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over two hundred observations, which tended to show the existence

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which seven thousand shall be for the Senate, fourteen thousand for the House,

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way. You must remember that a simple laryngitis is by no means