ously under varying conditions of experiment different proportions
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he had little to add to the excellent precepts of the two preceding au-
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Harrison, R. Lectures on the surgical disorders of the
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of the importance of treatment of the ear, she visited
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would be difficult to exaggerate. For the first time
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rather than the expression of the better judgment of most authors. When
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phenomena by the application of electricity or physical force, it should
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adult, so that the palpebrae stand out like round tumors, and the upper is often
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should therefore be preferred. In a case which I saw with Dr.
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lence possessed by the bacilli, either of swine plague or of hog cholera,
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been permitted to boil over from their flasks a number of
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surgical equipment with which medical officers attached to infantry
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But, as we have before intimated, the Medical Profession
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at all times profited by the discoveries of his neigh-
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mation following. In the inferior animals these vessels can
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were made ^e antidote was given, and repeated four times at intervals of ten minutes. This
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hashish, and tobacco, the li.st is a long one. I men-
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also mentioned cases of malignant pustule, and evident in-
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optic centre; the point which, situated inside of and
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all that is delicious and valuable in fruit. But, with
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of warm water, and taken gradually, is ftrongly re-
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fed to fasting rabbits in sufficient quantity to unite
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small number to represent " the most renowned seat of medical learn-
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ized in a I to icxx) solution of corrosive sublimate, but it
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extending through the entire thickness of the skin were found, each about the size
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fpring from another caufe •, wherefore it has been
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and which was observed in six out of the seven instances, is
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sota Medical Service Inc. including the proposals which
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blesome afihir for me, for when I came to pay the inter-
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is found of fraudulent practices upon the part of some veteri-
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In a recent contribution, Hering shows that the fact of many
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ing, and if the swelling is slow to depart, the use of
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for the cubicle plan in place of the large ward. In old buildings, the
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rily in the fang, neck, or crown of the tooth. Caries in the lower
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dogs is considered to be in excess of 50 mg/kg, while lethaid ; |
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history of the world thirty-two men of as consider-
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nects him with much that is best and greatest now and in the
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nutrition of the opaque layers of the cornea in cases of
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physician, especially in the larger cities like Eome
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being engaged, and above all by its fortonate termination.
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April 10, 1890) Dr. Heckel read a paper on this subject, in which he claims
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See Male Surgical Segister, vol. ii. (1890), No. 3177.
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ten per cent, passed the three year limit. In a private communication