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very typical example of this form of leucocytosis in small animals.

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regularly. It has been a great success and I am quite sure she-

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arms, a bending back or trembling of the knees, bow

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due to the typhoid bacillus, Wentwortb, A. H.,3>4; a case of ataxia

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3. In like manner, the aesthesiometer indicates the com-

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intellect, he becomes gradually able to distinguish between a right

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certain fundamental points, between our ai*t and the

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quarter, but one death took place. Fernandina, Montpelier, the Bay of

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lotion of zinc and lead used after each application until all irri-

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Table XIII. — /%?«///f^ IVhoie Potatoes vs. Cut Seed, Whratland, i8gj.

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bacteria-free endocarditis has been supported with new evidence in

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it is necessary to make a complete amputation of the breast. — American

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munological response test to rubella. The physician shall inform the

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pression, bodily weakness develops, but the mind is alert.

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one round worm. This worked its way up the digestive tract, and

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find him saying that crystals form completely and readily under the infiuence of light,

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mystery there was really some valuable lost art, has

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pains, rigoi-s and headache. A peculiar measly or rubeoloid rash appears

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to be wholly satisfactory for diagnosis. Among the cases of rabies

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