rickets, syphilis, or other disease. The child's demeanour and the attitude

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primary sore is transitory, and that those who haA'e once had it but seldom

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of veterinary science in England, but, like 'a dog in the manger,'

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and Ireland. But in the more civilized nations, Greece and Italy have pre-

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cheated out of a laugh at their expense. This advice is given

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of life. That the weakened virus (misnamed vaccine) has

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the whole extent of the cavity of the rectum as high as its

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required. For instance, the rheuniatic phylacogen con-

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The Easter vacation ended on the 16th April, and the work

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disease, but in which new cases of pellagra do not arise in any appre-

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These Urinary Test Papers are put up in convenient vest-pocket cases, contain-

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School ; Examiner in Medicine at the Examining Board for

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This is a necessary precaution, as the results for the acidity obtained by the use

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a grain and a half to forty minims of distilled water, and

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amount taken. The mucous membranes are intensely swollen, cedema-

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stomach. Perforation one centimetre In diameter on anterior sur-

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Had been delirious, but now lay stupid, regardless of the things aloiu

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membrane or other soft parts and their absence does not necessarily

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briefly. The following points he considei*s clearly proved

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the arterioles of the kidneys by uric acid accounts for the inverse

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Case I. — Charles Fernandez; lumbago. On the 30th of June ?

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of water, in one of them dropping one pill of febrifugo, and in the

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associated with a normal coagulation and bleeding time. As

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of Europe, attained a last resting-place in Westminster Abbey. His collection,

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anaemia, and the nervous system leading to the localized emphysema

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the State Board of Health, will be held on February

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incision was cautiously extended upwards still farther. At the level of

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little over five per cent. He considered inguinal a vastly superior