find their way into the exudate. Thus from the end of the first day

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Still it may be said that the general practitioner has done his duty

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favour the development of diabetic coma when the patient is sufiering from

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A part of his " combined treatment" by opiates, purgatives, animal

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This volume, which is entirely new, is designed by the author to take the

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The children almost always complain of poor circulation and

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Caseated nodules in anterior mediastinal, posterior me-

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with a rougher tone than on the left. Below, the lung appeared to

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In aitificial endocarditis the first morbid sign is simple vascularity of surface ;

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When the track of the wound is through the body of the

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when loaded. The vehicle is strong and solidly built,

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Case of Painful Menstruation, Flooding, and Leucorrhcea. — A lady in Onondaga

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tion at the house between 9 and 12 o'clock on any day

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Dr. T. Parvin, of Philadelphia, thought that the great

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In mature and old age, and after growth no longer goes on, and nourish-

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expansion of the lungs, produced by pressure on the bronchial tube, and

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nail ' wobbles ' and gets drawn out ; the system is of no use

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pulp laterally and over the tip of the finger. They each resemble

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whole entrance, having only a small hole in the center, or

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after my arrival at the house ; one contained empty

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naval officer, who had eaten them, said lately that they were quite

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which are met with in connection with cysts in the mammary region, and the

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of administrator, comprise the inspection of all animals

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within a nerve the end of which is exposed in an inflamed wound.