tations of foreign seeds and plants for distribution among
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apprehension, irritability, weakness, palpitations, chest
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healed readily, so that I had no trouble with that; and, to con-
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to the respective stations. Bulletin No. 40 of the Illinois
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prizes will please forward their name and address to the Pres-
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or fatigue. The muscles of her neck, however, and those which
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for a fortnight in the hospital with mitral and aortic
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onanist and libertine differed most widely, one was a
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consists of spirits of turpentine, mucilage, and laudanum,
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haired varieties, kept as pets, cannot well be kept clean
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ume of such viscera as the liver and kidneys. The same changes will
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Depression and progressive weakness. Increase of the auscultation
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Duration. — The duration of an attack of chorea is very variable. The
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apparently to execute it to a greater or less extent. A
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GHICAGO can boast not only of having the Columbian Expo-
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case through against its merits by his ready memory and im-
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necessary to wait the natural term of the disease before we can say whether
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enteretl again and a jwlyj) which filled nearly the
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of Creation" rule. But human beings are distinguished from the lower order
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Members present belonging to the "General" School, we may
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< 90 mm Hg) or cardiogenic shock, sick sinus syndrome (if no pacemaker is present), 2nd- or
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sorted to in time, it will prove the means, by prompt
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Obese patients are subject to hernia, and from heart
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Theoretically it is not such a wild supposition that
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la regard to contraindications to the use of ergot,
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grave cardiac symptoms, no trace of anginoid symptoms, or of
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The disease invaded the three stages of the ^ Simpson's third mode of acupressure. The
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adaptability as a health resort, and especially to remove certain
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adults, so that further exact observations are wanted to settle this point.
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minds in any way whatever, so that they may bring a buoyant
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forget the proper deportment in any of their r61es. One who