Candidates with good future potential can he turned off to
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that a horse has colic, and that certain symptoms indicate it, and
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keep as much as possible the ravines of our inland rivers and streams.
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and otorrhcea. One cannot help being struck with this alteration of
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the fragments removed. It is sometimes found that the tuberous
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curious as well as instructive to read in this day the
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septic precautions. As there was no bleeding, the perito-
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employ taxis when required, and should know how to do it
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nevertheless as we will see it is possible to divide the development of
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Mr. Dixon attributes the assertions of the elders that the women strongly
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cal and Suryiral .loHrnal oi ,]u\y 2'.>, 1H;»7, page lO.'J.
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•' Inosciilatorv Circulation. — ^As to the manner in which the cir-
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and the preparation of the tray, which in our service is as follows:
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protection but may even be harmful. Jenner 's great error was his belief
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A fact like this should make tlie management think. They may
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ming frequently leads to other evils. . . . Help borrowers and
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doctor gets well paid for his services, and that is an end
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disturbance ; secondly, those of a highly excitable and
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ginous Preparation, 70. French View of German Science,
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marked changes in the ionization of simple salts, and in the arrangement of
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iron and strichnine. He was careful enough to remain in bed
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which ran its course without fever. The author does not ascribe it to the
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calculi were removed from the gall-bladder and one from the common
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months attain enormous size, and contract adhesions.
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of the Fallopian tube, does not appear sufficiently proved.)
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that the quantities must be small, probably less than 0.3 gm. molecules
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