ed, or more attention has been devoted, than to the affections engen-
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Records of Daily Practice. A Scientific Visiting List for Physicians
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have been so vast during the last few years, and acquaintance
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hver cells and undergo schizogony. The nuclei of the oval schizonts
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only one case where pregnancy occurred with a malignant tumor ad-
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the influence of it. An incision about six inches long was made
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was galvanized, but also became unusually abundant, and passed from
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more brown and dry ; the lips and gums covered with sordes ; the coun-
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its inception. But such work, and especially that of
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potassium, as much as thirty grains three times a day, with the result, appa-
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physician — what words shall do justice to our apprecia-
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Worcester, M. D., of Salem, Mass., published in the February
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of the body becomes excessive in relation to the amount of heat produced
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mihgled with compulsion: the nurse's nipple must be moistened with
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The Nervous System. The symptoms due to involvement of the nervous
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Radius and ulna, case of compound fracture of the 211
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" sub-spinous dislocation of, and reduction by manipulation. By H.
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were at this time disappearing ; the secretion of the mucous
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and designed for the remainder of the nursing period
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cast the eating, the accursed leprosy from your heart forever ;
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urethrotomy and internal urethrotomy in the pendulous urethra,
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vulsed, and retracted forcibly toward the ear. This spasm and retraction was
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Mid-line Ptosis. — For practical purposes we may look
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ing tube, reading at the middle of the meniscus. As the readings
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By no one, apparently, has success been attained invariably ; but it
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inconvenience resulted from this arrangement, and the present Royal Montrose
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form the patient's respiration much better than he can, why resort