Doc— What does the first part of the word "rubefacient" mean?
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has risen from less than $8 million in 1942 to $20 mil-
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compound clusters. The berries, which ripen in autumn, are oval, red, juic} 1 ",
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right kidney, in which a cavity was found containing three stones as large as a pea,
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first the left and then the dorsal ligaments. {Veau.)
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of the seat of the solution of continuity, is generally self-evi-
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eye. This lack of lustre or dryness, which varies greatly in degree, is due
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this sort of movement the body assumes wide wavy undulations such
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lancet. It died in five days. At the point of inoculation a little purulent infiltra-
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vals through the country. All the clinical material of their districts is
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but that directly they do so come to the surface sporulation oc-
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Nicks, Frank I.; Assistant Resident in Obstetrics and Gyne-
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joined tendon, suturing it to the Cooper’s ligament.
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ing properly — and 98 per cent, is only a fair result ; a good sand
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Mouth Disease, and finally reported that repressive measures
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bichloride solution. With the thumb of the left hand make
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and at the same time a cry escaped from his lips, rising in
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schools was just as valuable -as that of the high grade three-ses-
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it is noticed that all the muscles suffer equally. There is no distinction
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1st. Means «f changing the pump from an exhaust to a force pump, and vice versa, thereby
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do not readily find their way into the general circulation; when, from
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solution (or what was left of it) allowed to filter off. After this the
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satisfied that the operation has been successful, the gag is inserted a second
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sion of the heart's action was brought on, instead of a flow of urine. He
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was secured, when a few of the manufactures flourished, when
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Day — What is the official name for slippery Elm?