Cactus Grandiflorus. — Acute carditis; hypertrophy; valvular

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of disease, whether more medical or more surgical in its therapeutic

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treatment, will be followed by relapses. In other instances it is noticed that

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diagnosis is only a probable one. The correctness of the diagnosis becomes

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technically more difficult and requires experience with serum

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character; there was no pyrexia; little, if any positive wasting; the aspect

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tion promoted rapid cicatrization ; and, owing to its absorbent

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see it occur in animals allowed to die from inanition. It might be

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use of the thermometer, 53 ; the chill, 53 ; reckon-

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supravaginal hysterectomy would dissect them carefully, and see

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of Ferrari, only 53 by the method of Bassini, slightly

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seen the disease prevail in a dry and weU-drained portion of

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from the operation. The conjecture seems warranted that Guyon's and

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any state of the system which is a departure from health.

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he was compelled to escape to avoid detection, but, when he left, his mis-

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fined to a small space by a spike stuck in the ground, to which a

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recommended for treatment are made out in April and " forwarded

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voted to this work seems indicated. In general hos-

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adherent. In the post-prostatic pouch there was con-

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completely cured. Dr. Settier lays stress on the impor-

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m a believer in the necessity of milk as a part of the diet of every

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ee, nerves; ff, arteries; ance in the use of stimulating food and drinks,

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two weeks prior to the clinic day in spite of news-

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from a recent bulla, and an autogenous vaccine prepared. She had

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Hygiene staff. Besides inspecting the pupils in our schools, these

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the bearded parts of the face, the clinical picture pre-

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but I have to add that it is my duty to lay before you fur-

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washed out by irrigation without any disturbance of the respira-