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it begins to appear warty or even greatly thickened.

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forces of the mind, but abundant evidence that this

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the toes stiffly in walking, which he does with consid-

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venous pressure of 15 or 20 mm. Hg may mount to 25, 30, or

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Nose and Throat, Dr. McGinnis; Ear, Dr. Hall. Autumn, Nose and Throat,

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nearer the present time, it had become as large as an ass,

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roughened condition of the remaining diseased portion of the lungs. The exudate

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1909, five in 1909, thirteen in 1910, twenty-three in 1911, eight in 1912

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The writer sums up the advantages of his methods as follow- :

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garb. At this moment especially it was very needful

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summary of the facts at present known, and so characteristically

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oughly dry, apply harness dressing as previously described.

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and it is now also shown that various fractions of the crude brucine

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amination and of careful testing ; and there can be no possi-

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at least died a violent or distressing death, while the

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contractility was increased, there was early rigidity of the muscles,

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and means were rendered necessary to prevent imposture.

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action is not to l)e considered as proof that tuber-

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from a large and painful swelling over the mastoid,

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to its divine source. The similarity is seen also in

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to bear their cost as well as to the disabled who receive them

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Bradford, Vt., about the middle of January, 1858, for the purpose of

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the sources named. Another interesting feature displayed by this

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1 Professor of Gynaecology, University of Pennsylvai

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to its maximum capacity. Now, although this is ^uite consonant with our

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is clearly most hazardous to draw deductions as to the causation of rheuma-

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that no test can be considered reliable which does not