the excretion is much more gradual, and takes from two to three times

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backward with the recession of the striate area and may be pres-

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Esculapius, far excelled all others in the enduring reputation it- mem-

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and it would seem that a ray of light has at last fallen on the treatment

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inclined to take too hopeless a view of these cases,

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has ceased. In many cases a fortnight suffices for this, but as some of

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struction of new hospitals for this purpose will be incurred

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the "dilution" experiment, which is all the more called for since

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entirely unlit for any work; nausea and vomiting after

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two tablespoonfuls of powdered white sugar, three cloves, the

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in cholecystotomy with suture of the gall-bladder and its return

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orifice, there were pores extremely confpicuous, full

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however, against his conclusions. Their decision was,

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which bound the tumor to every portion of the abdominal cavifr.

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night he slept well, and the next morning his temperature was 99°, and

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occasions relapses occurred, which were relieved each time by the

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be a certain cure for the asthma, one of the most dis-

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add half a pint of good brown stock (this is the quantity for

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true of those which enter the abdomen in the epigastric or

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ttie/reguenci/ with which acute rheumatic arthritis

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were : the uncertainty of the length of time the pa-

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inoculations to be reliable, standing the test practically and scien-

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servations we have made on this point we are led to be-

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of the Face : Characteristic Physiognomy of the Syphilitic Infant. —

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Ascoli 9 has shown that precipitinogen may pass the kidneys and

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every respect less satisfactory than the ordinary statement which represents

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chloride solution. The author doubts if this effect is by reason of its

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more rapid drop to the subnormal, which continued to the end. Dr.

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pus scattered more or less irregularly through it. A micro-

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the paper is the substance of a response to a toast at the dinner

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tion were discharged on August 22, nine days after the last cholera

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ketonuria. Easiest group to handle. Best prognosis.

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wounds inflicted by new and more fatal instruments of warfare. While I

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cyanosed ; eyes protuberant, with bloody tears; varicose, greatly distended

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crossed the pronator radii teres at its upjier third, the flexor carpi radialis

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piece of salmon fishing-gut, carried as a suture through the tube at

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traction of the pupil. All these eye symptoms, occur-