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that they are furnished with absorbents, and that as they are sub-
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nervous irritation abounding, with a small, quick, undeveloped pulse,
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•615 1 Fischer, B. Die neueren Arzneimittel. Berl. 1894.
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foil. Gutta-percha tissue placed between the raw edges of
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The number of fits at once dropped from an average of twenty to
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fortify the constitution of many a child for the life of toil
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sense of dryness ; if there be diarrhoea, milk and rice, with some
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that can be seen is a small area covered with homogeneous gray
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The transmission occurred from horse to horse, horse to man,
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parts by a bandage, the patient has regained the use of his
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less intimately associated with the invested viscera ; all are
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dide of potassium, and dilute nitric acid, it exhibits no
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furthering the division of leucocytes. The germ-centres where
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Dr. L. Duncan Bulkley (New York City) : There is a point which
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the heart and vessels; none in the parenchyma of the organs.
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more properly be regarded as a c?iarUy), Ours has re-
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and that of the continent^ because in each of them a special
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of ])ediatrics have m the curriculum ? In an under-
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Internes — Myles Standish, M. D., H. B. Chandler, M. D.
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praise, which is to be accorded especially to those por-
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cated, as well as the jaws, should be diligently rubbed, twice daily,
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nounced, and on November 19, about three weeks after coming
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interfered with. If anything is to do good, it must be done at once
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gestion induced by the interference of the circulation; if very severe, the
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symptom complained of for a number of years before signs of
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