(e) Concurrent Disinfection. — Of patient's saliva and objects

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Treatment of Gastric Ulcer Complicated by Hemorrhage. —

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and bruised that she could scarcely move. There was, however,

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Hemophilus influenza, Neisseria meningitidis, Eschericia coli,

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strength gradually for a whole year until she weighed 99 pounds. Her

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during an action, in which our own and enemy light forces were con-

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showed me another practical faculty he had of adapting

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principle. The atropia was administered in the form of sulphate. With a

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sary to perform primary amputation, and in none had

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the blood of pregnant women, which are capable of causing dis-

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them look very bad. Treatment: To one ounce of salt-

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It is of interest in the further history of this case

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materials, &c. A word or two about instruments. Bergmann

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The advantages of this operative procedure ought not to be lim-

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by men of experience and ability. Oil of tiu^pentine in doses of ten drops

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between sthenic tubercles in the lungs and acne on the face. The

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Foot Note. — The small numbers refer to references at the end of this artic'e.

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duties attached to the position of Secretary of this Sodety,

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inflammator}' change, and no evidence of malignancy.

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I find on looking into the literature of the subject, that Kocher,

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in their hospitals rather than turned over to the service of the inte-

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devoted to controversy, and as much as possible to the

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I have only observed very highly albuminous urine, attended

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policy on the part of medical men, is handsomely burlesqued by

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It is a trite adage that " man is a creature of habit." Indeed, every

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this way ; and your committee would call the attention of pharmaceutists

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perative, on account of the difiiculties under whioh neutral pro-

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inguinal operation were the subsequent prolapse of the bowel