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Family charts, Figs. 6 to 11, depict the distribution of tuberculosis in families,
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places before, on the mischief of dealing with names instead of acts.
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who does not possess the faculty of making good drawings from his own
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sitting by the fire in a moody state of mind, and the mother
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are usually produced by flame in contact with the skin for a very short
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Again, take what is known as lobal sclerosis — a condition which may
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tells the story: ''Arrived at the hospital he found
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machine guns were destined to be largely employed in the field
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up to its full standard? This plan would serve a double purpose, in-
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tional proteins, it is preferable to do functional assays that
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callus. The periosteal sheath of new bone extended from the
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total inefficiency and loss on service is due to injuries of
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read a report on "A Case of Anaemia with Changes in the Spinal Cord,"