In a ninth case (1897 ; age 10 months ; ill 16 days with cough ; vomiting
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while others close at hand are quite healthy, and even on the same
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firmed by, tne argument respecting the origin of vertebral forms. Indeed, in the
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each for twenty shares, or •$1,000. Other subscriptions for this amount
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became much easier, and though it and the fcetor of breath con-
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Figs. 12 to 16 A series of ^ve transverse sections through the brain of Necturus
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It was not displaced until Vesalius came, the father
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stones. At the eastern extremity of the vault was a recess,
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medicines by elimination, which has been more or less ap-
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pearances in the joint were similar to what 1 have de-
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it in a refrigerator at 8 to 9 C. From this he was able after almost a year
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the deaths recorded for eight epidemics between the years 1800 and 1821,
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of urotropin, 5 grammes (75 grains), in 150 grammes (5 ounces)
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that, notwithstanding that he was obbged to remove to Derby, he continued to
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for the cure of Salt-rheum hereto appended should find
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destroy them when it is applied to tick-bearing cattle as a bath; but
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traumatisms all stand in the relation of cause and effect,
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obtaining a second generation in culture, and no tests of pathogenicity
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creased more than one-third over the highest previous
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derived — or by waiting until some positive corrobo-
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letter to the Scotsman, dated 24th February 1859, under the
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volution of the science which taught that the func-
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agreed that vitamines are destroyed by a heat above 115 C. and the
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Susruta) it is recorded, that the sacred Ayur-veda,
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Surgeon Dallas Bache, U.S.A., ftH>m the Burgeon-General's office, is con-
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puihad upward ind tomtirluit erodM. ADtarior sb'noid enUrgM. Smtll oilinfivd mMa apparently
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position for 16 hours with no recurrence of bleeding, and
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son experimented with it in 1867, and found it to be " a good and
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gr. 2*5, of precipitated sulphuret gr. ^ and of the muriate
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and, although at the end of two weeks, he had no distinct ague-chill, yet,
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We read announcements in every journal and newspaper.
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Kehe d ia • paper bf Uie ehainoaa ia tbe Proceedings of lh« Aaier. Pharoi. Amocl
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some flakes of lympli about the great vessels at the base ; no adhesions ; evi-
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Symptoms. — The condition is easily diagnosed when the dis-
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treated at home, and they are therefore obliged to seek public assistance and to go
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In the early part of the year 1850, two models, 2733 4th and 2733 5th