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deformity ; if so, were you born with it, or did it happen by disease

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Cyanotic. (g) Malarial. (h) Scarlatinal. (i) Tubercular. (;')

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Subsequent Progress. — On December 10, I again saw the patient. His

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embraced no distinctive measures beyond good feeding and gentle

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Brissaud does : " Je reste convaincu que la chirurgie

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of infected ones. It is certain that the healthy animals must have

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Any one of these conditions may be present in the same patient at

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emphysema of the abdominal wall has been considered by

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follow up persistently such a blood-purifying system of vegetable

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Baltimore three, Boston two, Pittsburgh and Nashville one each.

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an Ksmarch bandage, which made the v(!ins very prom-

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and it is reported that Queen Anne also used the springs. A " Wells-

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source of obstruction. Happily it may be found and relieved with-

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nit. ether and hyposulph. sodium form a caustic substance. There is al-