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previously the patient had not been affected by Warburg's tincture.

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Mr. Seymour Hadek, F.R.C.S., of Woodcote Manor, Aires-

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some definite information as to the character of the wounds

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teristic of these patients is their selfishness, which causes them in-

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malignant growths, either cancerous or sarcomatous. The com-

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Let us consider, then, how cystitis influences the result of

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larynx, and from there, through the trachea to the bronchi. On its

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the roots of the facial nerves, and subsequently join the

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Chlorosis, 241 — Anemias, Primary and Secondary, 244 — Pernicious Anemia,

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exert on tissue may be due to the separate and distinct action

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the Commissioners appointed under the Universities f Scotland) Act, ISSP,

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the nose, pharynx, or larynx, and a careful examination failed to detect

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^^^ ' '^ .v*^\ vi^ MU h jvitionts, and the cough is best treated by reme-

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discovered to whose forms the term "micro-organism" has been given.