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to give the mass consistence some gelatin is added.
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(a) The bacillus is found in tubercular lesions both in man and
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Delaney, Patrick Arthur, s, a, w, sp, Bangor, Me. Kirksville State Normal C;
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it should be used for the foundation of a Chair of Medicine and Anatomy.
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still the largest proportion is formed in the kidneys themselves!
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eases of an epizootic or malignant character. Such condition or
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slightest kind ; and, secondly, the number of cases of congenital
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gives him more trouble, and none as unsatisfactorily treated, as
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Dealing with Tubercular Herds; Avoidance of Dissemination,
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Hydrastis Canadensis ( G-olden Seal) in Uterine Hemorrhage.
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was that he was suffering from an attack of acute pleuritis. The prac-
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The Samaritans of our craft have solved the problems on which
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circulation, and mid-right subclavian vein thrombosis (arrow).
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