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blood agar plates taken from cases by throat swab, to determine whether
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Ireland we are to expect any notable diminution of continued fever
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dice •, and to reprefs the overflowing of Choler.
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tions; as the rule, the samples sent for trial were
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so that nausea, vomiting and oedema of the legs disappeared
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First, he addresses a letter to Mrs. Dall herself, in which he tells
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subcutaneous areolar tissue, and afterwards involving all the subjacent
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were not resorted to sufiiciently soon ; be this as it may, cholera broke
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between the diseases of different organs, how much precision it adds to
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admitted lately into the same ward, presented a striking contrast be-
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ing beneath as if veiled by the skin. It was not totally absent in one
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of morbid phenomena, and the effects of therapeutic agents.
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ing pain in the right chest between the third and fourth ribs, over
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