received idea that cerebral antemia is the immediate cause or condition of
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self the judge, the objector must avouch the fact that, in the state
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amount of the poison. There are two principal ques-
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etc. More active governmental participation in the work of these
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for diagnostic purposes, and in the hands of incompetent operators.
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with twisted pedicle was removed. There was neither peritonitis
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of the time, she was puking. I asked him if she was
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substances which have a direct destructive action on the infecting
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resistance of the body must also be considered. Both the bacterial virulence
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rigidity of the sterno-mastoids, or of the extensor muscles of the neck.
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were, first, the most distressing nausea of a character
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To accomplish this double object a generous criticism is an indis-
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the efforts of the antiseptic surgeon have been directed too exclusively to-
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the cervical spine in the manner descril)ed with great
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the fluid, the water will find its way well up into the colon.
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could be called lupus vulgaris — colloid variety. Another
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tion of invasion would naturally have its own provi>ion
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large root, reach a height of from 3 to 9 feet, and are erect and branched, green
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two hands of nature," for his descriptions of the effects
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and heating and of illuminating engineering, than which perhaps no
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(£) additional work in any branch, or branches, of the student's choice, at least
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cases. Dock Siebbins, also, in remarks upon dysentery, has occasion to
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nounced stammering in speaking. In both diseases the tongue, when
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muscles had been observed. Jan. 22, 1666, Pepys noted
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had been claimed by Dr. Carne Ross, in cases which could be brought
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jugular vein of an animal, pieces of periosteum from
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complete clouding of the eye from exudation into the
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vocated and accepted for use in preventing osteoporosis
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C. L. Dana {Medical Record, Feb. 22, 1902) says that there
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