nipples suckling a syphilitic child acquires syphilitic
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receiver of secrets and individual experiences, to thousands of men and
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oxidation, as one might expect, but the ozone is taken up
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it should be used for the foundation of a Chair of Medicine and Anatomy.
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I 1 Thirty-sixth Sleeting of the Association will be
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bis iiner acquirements, and though he would sing, or play on the piano, his
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has been employed. The action of henbane is sometimes favour-
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through the arteries. It was the cause of the heart beat and the pulse,
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whole command was also due to Lieutenant-Colonel Cumming, who was
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men was outlined. Obviously much profit was derived from the criticisms of
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appointed by the General Assembly, in 1642, to hold a visitation of the Scottish
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which seemed to account for it. In other cases the renal hemor-
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the results that Dr. Turrell has attained. I have read in several papers
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is absolutely non-contagious. This, and the lapse of a definite period of
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when the definitive development of tlie brain takes place.
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rivers ; considerable numbers of them were brought into our
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clare that the dilating force should be carried to the
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Cayenne and Curry Powder — with red oxide of lead.
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of making an urgent effort to fill the void? The time has come
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vagina are not dilated as in the case of a Pessarie of ordinary make, but is allowed to keep its natural posi-
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Dr. Sheets thinks it strange that it should not occur to so sagacious
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University; M.D. 1969, New York University School of
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Irish and Dutch cattle, Sweden and Denmark in 1847 by
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Pressure by the enlarged uterus on the renal veins, or, as
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The essential parts of the respiratory mechanism are
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the tubercle bacilli ia accounted for 1^ the distribution of the three
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great discrepancy in size of members which is common
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stroyed, I could not tell whether any part of the ovum had passed
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giving false positive results, is not nearly so delicate in detecting
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may, consequently, say to the Federal inspector, "I shall sell this
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With this view of still further condensing the work, the
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colleague Profehsor liiinsolioll, an a point of e*p<'ciai
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What is known as the David Gaylord farm, consisting of
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474 by antipneumococcic serum with 85 deaths, a mortality of 18.3 per