philosophic researches of M. Pasteur, who has demon-

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deeds from the matter vitiated. The cause of this suppres*

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Heath, 320 Temple Court Buildings, Denver, Col. ; Dr. Stanley G.

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in the morning, which passes off in the early stage as exercise is taken ;

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regularly and surely until, as already noted, at the end of the fom-teenth

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member of this Society, the bill was indefinitely postponed in the

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will not be made without the previous authority of the Surgeon

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and dysentery, may be relieved thereby, in twenty-four

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the physician's directions. They give up treatment as soon as

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there was no small-pox there. I told him to go immediately

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injury resulted. The injections were made in the ordinary

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in detail the disease as it had been seen by him, and the cogent reasons

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duty as post surgeon over five years at Fort Halleck,

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has ordered it in several cases of phthisis in the following way : Iodoform

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section of the spinal cord varies considerably according to the level of

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questioned whether the bacillus alone was the cause of phthisis pulmo-

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3. Pelouzb: On the Glycogenic Matter. (Compt. Rend., voL xliv., 1857; and Henle and

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add the mandrake, and drench the animal by means of a common

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most of the other groups in safety endeavors,” he

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too little to increase measurably the peptide nitrogen of the blood.

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physical signs are, increased prsecordial dulness, undue distinct-

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short duration it is not thought much of by the average

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and a sensation of burning and scalding at the neck of the

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the same dose of chloral produced the usual hypnotic effect.

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the simple phosphoric acid that is found in the urine after severe mental and phy-

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leptic insanity, the mental disturbance occuri-ing between the

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pollution of our drinking water, we must add the surface

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if ever found in the intestines of healthy animals, and their pres-

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frontispiece contains a finely executed likeness of its President,

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ismi Restitution the very work in which he recorded his

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spasm or when angina is relractory to nitrates and or adeguate doses ot beta blockers

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in all climates, but climate itself, without careful medical super-

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rarely necessary to resort to this metiiod for purposes

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well known that lecithin contains highly unsaturated fatty-acid radi-

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that ' ' in this affection many large veins make their

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it will be found that the artificial simulates the normal curve only when

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should never be neglected, as it may lead to the detection of

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