The epidemic of 1827, by which about a fourth part of

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dimensions of the original essay, three-fourths of which

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also bear in mind that the system very soon becomes habituated

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the patients in this difeafe abound, he fays, is not

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sician, have accompanied these notices with some objur-

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nected with the upper lid to the occipito-frontalis muscle in such a way

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the vision of the left eye was reduced to the sensation of light. Both papillie were

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of the greatest names in modern history ; a name which could

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Mann, Professor Carlier of Birmingham, and Dr. Eoaf of Liverpool,

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was pale and thin, with a marked hectic flush on each cheek.

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air into the venous circulation, and its passage into the right

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sence and the uniformity of the symptoms at the commencement, the identity of

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diastolic murmur. Radials are faintly palpable. The lungs are emphysematous.

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