5.5° (cor.). It dissolves readily at room temperature in the usual

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approaching delirium, loss of appetite, suspension of rumination,

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irritability of the nipples, in various other forms of local irritation and

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simple fractures; setting, splinting; of compound fractures. Healing

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of the heart, with no other signs of heart disease, were put

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and weighed twelve pounds. Patient did well ; highest tem-

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grown larger. Chrobak removed it. He discovered a cystic carcinoma of

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formation in the fingers is painless, the patient does suffer from

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California) that detects IgG and IgM antibodies for R rick-

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and certain types of neoplasm — whether the substance be

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on account of swelling when applied before swelling

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but with a spirit of candor and honesty ; a spirit of ardent de-

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Hot baths and hot applications, with a full, large dose of

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the duration of the procedure and the number of times it

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Recorded cases of paralysis, affections of the intestines, leprosy,

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moral sense. Bernheim and others base the possibility

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manner. The tissue change taking place in neoplasms is also of

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experiments, attempted to represent all the fruit growers in

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stratum griseum, whose slender dendrites spread widely through-

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Progress. — November 4 : The pain disappeared after the first treatment,

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TJie Descending Colon. — This part of the large intestine was

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entirely; thereby gaining the title of Minnesota’s oldest

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University School of Medicine, East Concord Street, Boston,

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or villages, whither they were sent by imperial authority, on

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cases of debility and loss of condition, mingled with cut or

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altered language, of already well-ascertained facts. In the earlier

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the history of a sudden hemorrhage as the first symp-

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