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Beneavin, Glasnevin, the Convalescent Home of Cork Street

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and proceeded to give her more ether, and extracted the tooth. This op-

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ted mainty through it- organisations, and that it is therefore incumbent upon

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co-ordination without paralysis as equally productive of inability to

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sudden inspirations. It is often difficult, either with

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Action of Drugs, as Applied to Exact Conditions of Disease.

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cal treatment, methods which have received considerable accessions in

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ankylostomiasis — they remain childish in appearance, puny in size,

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ing because of the exceptionally large amount of hem-

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Dr. Buturf decided to give up his country practice ; he

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wide prevalence in remote ages, has lately excited considerable

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the calves of the legs, which become hard and swolleo.

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Fine specimens of this were secured by Prof. Buffum, at Cooper 1^

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that the bowel may be pulled out, gently unravelled, and re-

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some person or some animal. I repeat, the world owes you a

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he next time, the very natural requisition was made upon me to furnish

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Mr. Buckle exdaims, with reference to this .part of his subject, is the wonderful

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smear it all over with a portion of the above invaluable liquid

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past has not had recourse to this practice ; and he does not even employ scarification of the

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5th. Its Self-Holding Qualities. — No bother with pins, needles and

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their central depression : they become turgid, and hemispheroidal.

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Worcester, M. D., of Salem, Mass., published in the February

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During the heated term through which we have just passed,

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us that in all cases we should endeavour to restore animation, even when

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The oil of cod-liver has been found, on careful analysis, to contain val-

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regard to the nature of the case. He believed in re-

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secondary schools. All information imparted should be funda-

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of its attainments, as much as it is on that of its

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beri, which manifests itself by disease of the nervous system and by other

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goes, perhaps in a superficial sense the young nurse