Swollen Limbs and Enlarged Joints; Improved Shoulder Braces to expand f'e Chest

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nepin County Medical Society took an affirmative vote

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urine at firft made in fmall quantities, and watery i

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or internal remedies may be excluded, because anaesthesia

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Why, we might as well sap a tree to restore its vigor, as tap man's

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easily moulded to the meatus, inserted, and withdrawn. He

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medicines from minerals, he acknow^dged that he was

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of treating typhoid fever. The more nearly we approxi-

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forces, and to guard against asphyxia, arrest of the circulation,

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Kat K-rine Daxis Miss N'iiKinia Te.sli, and Miss Nancy Clatter-

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pressure in the arterial system, is proved as distinctly as is pos-

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toms. Assimilation and general nutrition have not been at all affected, the

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to be sought ; but these are questions, for the reasons

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have charge of the Hospital Corps men on duty as watchmen. He

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When asleep, they would frequently wake up and eat, then go to sleep again;

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the presphygmic period; and (4) that the long upward wave, T, culmi-

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no additional risk or delay should be added to that already

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— The Medico-Chirurgical Society of Montreal proposes to

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- — blood pressures — weights — symptoms: we wen

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out sufficient income even to sustain the scanty staff which it

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is an article consumed largely by those who become leprous, it had been specially

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on Lake Michigan for firewood, I wandered alone into

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married ; had had venereal disease when a young man, but was unable to

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cerebrum ; tlie other, those of unconscious vital in-

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flew overhead and splashed into the water just beyond our incoming

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expeditionary army started, or to any other station ordered by

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ing to Frerichs) contained leucine and urea in appreciable quantities.

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almost all of tliem, actively engaged in tlie practice of

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Mr. Howard* lays great importance on a well-drained

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seen a patient recover who was thus aflected.'" —

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