Pedlars, acting for that mighty Prince, Apollyon ! There are some, too,

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Different Epochs of the Elevation of the Pyrenees. — The me-

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tubercle; for on attentively examining the softening mass, especially

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Water from deep zvells is usually safe ; from shallow wells suspi-

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disease having entered on the stage of secondary atrophy, this patient excreted on

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and laughing the while. The late Sir William Fergus-

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ration 20. Urine in 24 hours, one and a half pints ; no

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None of these changes bears a fixed relation to the infection, but

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did well. I fear such cases as these may induce persons to divide

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is, " How long have I slept ?" Lately he has looked pale and

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especially liable to various degrees of inflammation. This is

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as the coma becomes less deep, slight movements may be seen in the

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tion, which, on debate, was supported by Dr. Priest-

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one takes for comparison the table of ages furnished in the Report

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fluid. There was a little thin, partly organised lymph on the cerebellar

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is never af i-aid to do it. I have only one caution to give. In those cases in wliicli

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developed at the unusually early age of 24 ; this is explained by the

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the ward. I tapped her about an inch and a half below the umbilicus

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