Welch, William H.: The Causation of Diphtheria. Transactions of the Medical

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life and the compensability of lack of enthusiasm there-

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guideline for coaches and physical instructors at early levels

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Jour. Feb. 12, 1898.— 69. VeIT. Volkmann's Sammlung, Wo. 304.-70. Virchow.

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plain the causes of certain secondary physical phenomena, such as the

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minerals, namely, sulphur, arsenic, sal-ammoniac and mercur}'.

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Now in both sexes there is an increase, though not of equal

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cal lesions as whole or as part cause. Since this is

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evidence for a reasonable diagnosis of jtvloric strict-

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Irealment of Fermental Diarrhea. — The first indi-

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opposition to HSAs and to make it known there is little

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means of relief has been tried and found ineffectual ; if

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require medical attention and treatment, and this will have to

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rapidly, and before he has reached the allotted span of life. A

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deposit being carried from the left side of the heart, are as

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tolic hemic murmur transmitted to the axilla may be heard

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various schools of Harvard University and its affiliated institutions

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cles. He was, moreover, just as sceptical in regard to the causa-

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was due to no art, but to a simple power of a long course of

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he was walking around without glasses. Has remained

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President and Fellows of the Medical Society of Connecticut, shall be known and

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manufacture, the nature of the past season must be taken

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Two or three miles east of the University I found an

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arterial blood and animal spirits ; the passive principle is the

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Two bagrooms are maintained, the main and contagious bagroom.

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agent is in the breath and in the secretions of the throat. Isolation

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masking of all persons during epidemics is of value.

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came to the conclusion that there was an abscess in the epididymis

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conditions of elementary school life. It was found that girls have worse

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the inoculation with paratoloid is. America has not been behind

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fact that the uterine decidua and that of the cavity containing

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'' 3. That the epithelium of the parts affected does not appear to take an

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morbific agents capable of producing infection in this sense are heterogeneous

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0.1023 gm. of substance gave on combustion 0.2416 gm. of CO2, 0.0910 gm.

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Exodus the hints of medicine are very scarce. We learn

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ingly of this bandage in the Eclectic Medical Journal of that

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(d) A practitioner shall exercise reasonable care and diligence