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history of the initial attack to guide us. While cer-
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fingers are flexed, and she does not use them. The left
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*• Syphilis of the Liver," by Dr. George L. Cole,
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Physician's Use, under whose advice oilsavin" '.".'."" Ethical Preparation
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To use the instrument, the barrel is filled by inserting a small
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status. We are, I am quite sure, safe in saying that the death rate during
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general health, as in the bleeding from piles in plethoric people :
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I. Regular malarial fevers. — Intermittents. — There are two important
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ral an allowance of stimulants and animal food to patients of a
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piece will be one inch above the tushes of the horse and two inches above
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directed downward and backward, a ramus descendens. Its pos-
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Platte River Hills, July 11, 1894 (No. 417); Pole Creek. June 27,
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ed, and is retained on the staff by slightly curving the latter before it
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that it would be well to get something similar to it in the Prov-
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m many cases, where other remedies proved of no use.
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The children had been sick for nine days without a physician, medicines or
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causing its spread. Notwithstanding this fact, it seems that the isolation
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tain bacteria, and its removal by the wind, is a fitting example.
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like virtue, for its own sake. It has been again and
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the Pythagoreans, styling the heavens a great living creature,-
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and cannot therefore be transmitted. The remedies required in these affec-
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It may not be devoid of interest to note that in those cases in which the
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disease of the uterine adnexa are : ist. Repeated attacks of perito-
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isms in the sputa is diminished. The third indication
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dialogus De jure regni apud Scotos. Edimburgi 1700.
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an aid to the diagnosis of the hereditary afTection. It must not be sup-
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considered gastralgia. After that similar attacks occurred at
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each case, i five, and o seven, and even these are by no means too
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of 1866 is interesting as showing the comparative effect of op-