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When phimosis is absolute the case is simplified, as it is impos-

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vessels and patches of degeneration, giving the whole

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tions of the anus, where the spasmodic contractions of the

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She suffers pain in micturition but there is no retention.

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scription and breeding of horses that have sired ten

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throughout the whole course of tlie disease, and, although the typical

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aches have never returned since I wore the glasses, and the state of

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sion that thyroid rich in iodine has a more marked effect upon

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in connection with rec<^nized changes in the arterial tunics which

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it certainly is ofEensire, even though it be of the best

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arteries, both on the left and right, the lymphatic vessels were seen

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Choussand {Revue Hebdom. de Laryngol., March 29, 1902)

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plain demonstration of the upward and downward movement of the

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and Mendel. All important aspects of this complicated subject are

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University's Medical College was established in New

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minder, or no reminder. Among patients with telephones, the

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the propagation of the contagium, oxygen, nitrogen, and water— fretk m,

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their extreme minuteness, they must be closely attached by this

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become reasonably firmly established, both os to scientific fact and important clinical significance.

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ficial necrosis of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestine, in which

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however, occur with persistent albuminuria. Yenot describes three

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the case. I told him I thought the best way out of the difficulty

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that the eruption is more copious on areas of skin subjected to special

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ritating foreign body. And again, local stimulants had better be

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The evidence brought forward to substantiate the claim

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one half ounces of clear cerebro-spinal fluid withdrawn. The symptoms

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the medical officers, and it has been found that defects

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tendency to a retarded flow through the small arterioles, and stagnation

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ticular instance it has a significance which it is desir-

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the pains, and at 3 P. M., it was determined to deliver by