29th, at two o'clock. The exercises will consist of an

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This term is usually employed to denote any affection of the

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and Bruce. Edinburgh Eosp. Rep. 1893, vol. i. p. 361. — 18. Tooth, H. The Peroneal

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In the early part of the 12th century, David I. settled a Bishop at Glasgow,

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strength of myocardial contractions) In patients already receiving digitalis, the positive ino-

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changes consist of congestion, hemorrhage, cellular infiltration, degeneration

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Dr. T. Trumpp, a German physician, has been appointed by

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Kaiiwi river, and took up a position at about nine miles' distance

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business of nearly one half a million dollars a year. They advise

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The nurse satisfied me that my instructions would be carried

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Binding of the botulinal toxin to its receptor is of high affinity.

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age, who had had an eczema of almost the whole body

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ness in conjunction with increases r creatine phosphoknase (CPK) values to greater than 10 times the upper limit

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the fact that it iiad been found necessary to administer hypodermically from

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pp., pis. A-O. 8°. Frankfurt & Leipzig. [W c .]

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rate of mortahty was 23.3 per 1,000. During the sixteen weeks

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M. D. S. Ten to twenty drops three times a day. Or,

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general farm and garden crops. The total number of va-

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he had experienced periods of unconsciousness for sev-

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The happy result of the two cases here most undeniably justified the means. I

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treatment of neuralgia, since the same agent had proven very

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is often seriously defective, and quite unsuited to the climate.

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morbidity. He considered that the use of pituitary extract

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lately. I think the statistics of those W"ho use anti-

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fectly nseful till three weeks previously, when he slipped and

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The complexion and course of chronic dysentery may be modified bv the

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calcium chloride. Harm was sometimes done by inducing a degree of vascular

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repeat an idea which I have already referred to at the com-

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We take credit to ourselves for being able to say that, before

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parietal bone just posterior to the vertical plane which

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plexus ; this hypersemic condition causing pressure upon, and con-