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of a most extensive character. . One of the most remarkable is the

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animal, his structure, his ways, and his wants, which has borne

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vey's discovery was one of universal interest; yet more

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capillaris, or an exudation of the watery portion of the blood into the

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this is done, then shalt thou be favored by the tire, the fluids, and

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lest the outer opening should have closed too quickly.

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was found to be pressed somewhat to the left. At the sides, and pos-

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No. 80 sieve, upon the surface of the hot liquid and mix thoroughly.

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to the volume of outside air which is permitted to enter, or,

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may be either fined or sent compulsorily into a reformatory

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tion may break down temporarily. Even during periods of

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the Prison Commission. Special forms may be obtained from

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the attacks have ceased ; but it is then that the prospect of a cure makes

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practice. It is only in private practice that it is possible to treat

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The question at once arises, Is the lowered mortality here shown in favor

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incidence. Thus, Dr. Byrom Bramwell in 1908, on analysing the

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syphilis, either congenital or acquired, in the case.

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where pregnancy has allowed the disease to exist for a long time, months

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their use. In the meantime the field hospital equipment and

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only in perfect health ; the other suffering from recurrence

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work can be done. New York has many schools, notably the

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evolution of the methods of wound treatment which has taken place

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any of the tributaries of this huge watery cormorant, where he begins to

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fail, and the insolent victory of his success was bitterly

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of the shock, and the nearly absolute certainty of dangerous

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nection with the subject under consideration, with brief histories. These,

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which it is relaxed. As I have said, the pain accompanying this

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that the inflammatory process in the kidneys has subsided. It

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zone of the advance. They are all infected, all require

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the glands of Lieberkiihn, whence they proceed to the villi parallel

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circumstances forces sale. Pnce; Negotiable. Please

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of policy, by the veterinarian,- they might, if very large,