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Case 157, F. 15 wks. Wm. Gamage, New England Jour.,
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Harry A. Conte, Long Island Coll. Hospital, 1912, New Haven, Conn.
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It is normal human behavior to ignore problems that appear insoluble. Unfortunately, the psychopathy of
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while applying artificial warmth to the body, fresh air should be
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The administration of salvarsan is not entirely devoid of danger,
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all cases with a blood finding of this megaloblast type
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Note 6. — Laboratory facilities for the diagnosis of syphilis and
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bornness of the lesion. A quick and shallow thrust is
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vention, the connection between such Member and the Societj shall be dis-
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Creeks, the Big and the Little Sandy. This brought us
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March4-6— 51st Annual Meeting ofthe American Psychosomatic Society.
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Monro's dictum of thirty minutesilimit for duration of
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