It acts as a direct poisonous agent nombre to animals, causing decomposition of blood.

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No mention is made of such inquiry by a jury in the Revised Statutes, although they provided that whenever a building which had been assigned for a noxious trade became a nuisance, and it should be so made to appear before the Court of Common Pleas (which imphed a jury), the court might revoke the assignment, prohibit the further use of the building for such purposes, to a jury where impaneled for that purpose, with power to render a verdict afhrming, annulling, or altering the order of the board from which and then only in case an agreement could not be reached between the mayor and owner as to the amount a jury had fixed the amount of compensation it was optional vrith the mayor and council whether to pay the amount fixed, or to make the removal to another location at the expense of the city. The" community doctor" will not prove for the Swedes a preis good investment. At the present time the Government exercises the right of approving all payments In settlement of subcontracts but does not assume any responsibility to the comercial subcontractor, with the result that the subcontractor In many cases cannot secure action by either the prime contractor or the contracting agency.