guish was allayed, the limb has ever since continued somewhat
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as was the practice among the old Eomans, and then have rest ;
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Stearns, W. L., hospital steward. Granted leave of absence
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whether or not desiccation of vaccine over concentrated sulphuric
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given."— JOHN W. KRAMER, M.D., Master of St. John's Guild.
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of the fragments would have been possible with Achil-
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the remedies prescribed by Dr. N. had been obtained. An
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from cows fed on brewery grains, evinced a surprising
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himself and to his companions. On the other hand, men suffering
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unable to crawl back to his own trenches under cover of
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and gradually emergt; from the orifice in the shape
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are not likely to have been two amator es medicinae named Robert Gray at the time,
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muscular layer of the vessels. The patient has a sensa-
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safe in so far as B. botulinus is concerned. Our experiments show
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diminish coughing. Coughing should be permitted to a degree not
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pearl prepared half a dram ; red coral and ivory each a dram ;
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the river. It is highly probable that these changes of tempera-
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bands externally, and internally it resembles the caecum. The
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orifice, there were pores extremely confpicuous, full
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and he broke down and traveled on his fetlocks, and was then
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thonotary of the Superior Court for the district, while the other is
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Mr. Verville. — If I understand the object of this Bill it is to pro-
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begun; 11.08, injection finished. {I will say the time occupied
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and perineum. After ligature of the bases of the broad
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